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Winterizing a 720 Rotax
By patc

Winterizing a 720 Rotax
Rotax - HowTo
Date Submitted:10/10/2005
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Winterizing a 720 Rotax

1) Insert fuel stabilizer in fuel tank. Make sure you have the proper mix ratio and rock the boat to mix it with gas.

2) Plug in the water hose in the back of the boat (not on the top because you will need to pinch some hoses to do it right). Start engine and let run for 4-5 minutes to get the stabilizer in the engine.

3) Use SEA-DOO LUBE (don''t use something else) and spray inside the air intakes for at least 30-40 seconds. What I do is I spray the lube inside until the engine dies, then I know it''s in there everywhere.

4) Remove spark plugs and spray SEA-DOO LUBE inside the holes. Don''t be shy to use the stuff. Screw back the plugs in. Don''t forget to change them next spring.

TIP: DO NOT use the little red straw to spray inside the spark plug holes, it might fall in (BAD)

5) Remove the gray cover on the PTO and grease the shaft (you will see the grease fittings after you remove the gray cover).

6) Now for the part that I hated the most, putting antifreeze. I looked all over and called all over but the bottom line is you need to doo it the way the service manual says to, and that is to pinch hoses and insert the fluid from the top water line. On my model I needed to pinch 4 hoses, that''s right, 4. The hose pinchers cost 20$ US EACH! What I did is I bought vice-grips (8$US each and you can use them around the house) and also used 2X4 little pieces of metal you can buy at any home depot for around 25 cents each. I put a small rug around the hose, take the vice-grip, put a little piece of metal on top and at the bottom, and tighten. The reason for the metal pieces is to make SURE the hose is firmly closed, if it isn''t then it renders this operation useless. Fill it with around 2 liters of anitfreeze, unpinch one hose, put another 6 onces, wait, then remove the vice-grips. Almost all the fluid will then come out at the bottom, but the exercise is to mix the antifreeze with wahtever water was in so it doesn''t freeze.

A service manual is a must and will be cheaper than if you get the engines winterized, so it''s a definite investment. It has pictures and detailed instructions for just about everything you need. I don''t want to say what hose to pinch because it''s different for each model.

You also need to change the oil in the impellers (I might not have the right word here), but I won''t decribe how to do this. It''s rather long.

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