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General Boating
10/10/2005      Coast Guard required safety equipment list
0.0/5 0 Votes
    Required Safety Equipment
12/30/2009      2009 23' SportBoat Comparison
4.8/5 5 Votes
    I know, it's long overdue but here it is finally. A nice comparison of both 23' sportboat models. I'm working on a follow up article that will update things for the new Yamaha 240 models.
7/15/2013      97 challenger 1800 mpem
0.0/5 0 Votes
    I am looking for a mpem for a seadoo challenger 1800 any ideas where to find one or how to get around it?
12/21/2013      Beach Anchoring Suggestions...
0.0/5 0 Votes
    I use a SandSpike from the bow of my Sugar Sand Tango Xtreme to the sand along with the stern anchor. The boat is so light, that the SandSpike repeatedly dislodges. Can anyone offer a suggestion so I can relax without constantly wedging the thing back in the sand? Do I need two SandSpikes? Should the rode be longer? Help!

9/29/2005      Depth/Fish Finders & GPS
4.8/5 4 Votes
    A beginners guide to choosing a basic electronics package for your boat

Towing & Trailering
8/2/2005      Trailer Disc brake upgrade
3.5/5 4 Votes
    Trailer disc brake upgrade from rusted out drum brakes. Also discusses fixing the UDP brake actuator coupler


10/11/2005      Add an engine bay view window over your Merc engine
5.0/5 1 Vote
    Ever wanted to be able to peek into your engine comparment? But didn't want to empty out all your gear?
6/15/2006      Lost your Sea-Doo Operator's Guide or didn't get one with your pre-owned purchase?
5.0/5 6 Votes
    No worries, it's all online.
4/13/2010      2010 210 Challenger Review
4.7/5 3 Votes
    Hands on review of the all new 2010 430hp 210 Challenger SE sport boat.
8/12/2012      Seadoo trouble.
0.0/5 0 Votes
    Ok I have a 97 seadoo challenger 1800 with twin rotax 787 110 hp engines. 2 weeks ago I took it out and couldnt get it up on plane. Ass end seemed to be sitting low. Turned out my head exhaust pipe had a crack in it and I was gushing water into engine bay. So I took it out and had it welded and I put it back in. I also cleaned my raves which I found that neither one had o rings which I put new ones on and the one closest to the tail didn't have threads in the rubber grommet to screw into the valve. I tried it anyway. I took it out yesterday and it ran great except that wot used to read 7000 rpms and I was only getting about 6600 out of that motor. Still getting 7000 out of other motor and I was only getting 52 mph and I always got right around 60 unless water was real rough. All of a sudden like 6 hrs into running the motor started to jump around on the tack between 5000 and 3500rpms and it started making all kinds of sounds from exhaust and it was running rough. I shut it down and couldn't get it started again. It even sounds different when cranking like a deeper tone. I got it started today but it idles at like 1000 rpms and they both idle at around 2000 rpms I dunno if it can even be raves or worse
4/11/2013      seadoo speedster 1 beep every hlf second continuos in diagnostic mode
0.0/5 0 Votes
    2 short beeps mwhen attaching lanyard but nothing when pressing start buttons... can turn engines over by jumping starter relays but no spark...light blower ect work..please help
10/30/2014      Sea doo jet boat 73 hours of use 510 hp goes 7000 rpm erase and sync motore failure
0.0/5 0 Votes
    hello, I am Brazilian and I live in Brazil, I have problem in my boat synchronism Sea doo 230 wake 510 hp. Year 2010 and to 43 hours of use. Above 7000 rpm off the synchronism and the engines Ocila

Sugar Sands

10/10/2005      Winterizing a 240EFI
5.0/5 3 Votes
    Winterizing a 240EFI
10/10/2005      Mercury Jet Drive flushing procedure
4.1/5 8 Votes
5/18/2011      Easy starting merc 175
5.0/5 1 Vote
    Easy Starting merc 175

10/10/2005      Winterizing a 720 Rotax
5.0/5 6 Votes
    Winterizing a 720 Rotax
7/10/2007      Do-It-Yourself "Carb Rebuild Guide"
3.0/5 2 Votes
    This is a Do-It-Yourself "Carb Rebuild Guide" for the older carb Seadoo Motors.


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