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Fuel Pump Fail
Posted on Aug 28,2016 2:47:52 PM GMT         SeaDoo Boats - Problem Report
Joined: 2/5/2006
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Just an FYI: My fuel pump appeared to die last month after a day on the water. After checking that is had power (12V), but injectors barely output fuel when I pulled assembly and cranked engine I assumed pump was toast or filters clogged, boat is 11 years old, so I expect some issues and I have no real diagnostic equipment.

1) I avoided replacing entire assembly from BRP for $800 by purchasing pump / filters from Ebay for about $60

2) When I replaced, it was still no good and only then did I get into proper debug mode

3) I found issues eventually that the root cause was the connection to MPEM was slightly corroded. I reset connection and everything worked.

Lessons learned

1) 12V on a system that should have 13.5V is indicative of bad connection.

2) Even fresh water boats have corrosion issues on electronics. I have gently cleaned all connections with brass brush and applied a fresh coat of dielectric grease.

SeaDoo - 2006 - Challenger 180 SC - Rotax 4-TEC 1503 (215hp)
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