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roll call
Posted on Apr 24,2010 3:38:17 PM GMT         - General Question
Joined: 5/10/2005
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hiya miataroadster...<br>I haven't been on this board in like forever. I have an LE2100. I bought in new in 2004. I had a problem initially with the steering going bad the second time on the water. My dealer (reluctantly) replaced the head assembly at no charge.<br>Other than that, its been great! I had it out last night the first time this year and it ran like a champ. I wish i had more time to get it wet...I only have 60 hours on it.<br>My email is in touch, there's not many of these boats out there.<br>I'd love to find a new mooring cover...mines getting a little ragged. According to Polaris, they have no more but told me to try Polaris dealers and see if they might have any gathering dust.<br>cya!<br>xrayspex

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