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welcome back!
Posted on Apr 25,2010 3:38:19 PM GMT         Other Boats -
Joined: 2/8/2010
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Good news about the boat firing right up and with no issues! I am about 60 miles to the nearest lakes and campgrounds but I don't mind the long drive. It's well worth it once I see the kids happy faces while running around the camp or beaches. We hit the lake twice once a month during boating season.
Got to the lake Friday and some folks asked me if it's a new boat. I even got some compliments at Walmart's parking lot. I have not seen even one boat like ours- kinda unique!
I have the wrong boat cover. I might check some local polaris dealers here for old stocks. I'd also check with an on-line vendor I used to buy my cover. I'd keep you guys updated.
Happy boating!!

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