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RE:welcome back
Posted on Apr 26,2010 5:12:55 PM GMT         -
Joined: 5/10/2005
# of posts:10
in other news, I installed a new sony head unit, 4 new Alpine speakers, and a 10" bazooka subwoofer last week (I must be going through a mid-life crisis). It sounds WAY better than the stock unit!
One issue I'm aware of with this boat is that some have had problems in the past with the ski pylon. Seems like a bit of a design flaw...some have had the pylon pull clean throught the transom. I tried to find the link on where a polaris owner had beefed up the mounting, but can't seem to find it. i have tried to reinforce mine, but I did notice that I have a small crack in the fibreglas, so I'm very wary about pulling very much.
Any questions about anything let me know, and I'll do the same..

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