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Posted on Sep 9,2010 12:39:04 AM GMT         - General Question
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First of all, welcome to the club! You'll find this boat forum very informative and helpful. Members here saved me some money through their suggestions and experiences.
I usually use to base the value of a pwc or a boat. Here is the link with the values>c=MR

Anyway, 80 hours for a six-yr old boat is, IMO, low hours! Did u actually see it, or the owner was just telling you this info? The hour meter is with the speedo dial. It will cost you around $300 to replace it..that is if you can still find the original polaris part. I have not replaced mine yet. All the gages are working except the hour meter.

Is this from a dealer? If yes, any warranty? Ask if they have done any service at all to the boat.

Honestly, I paid more than the book suggested because for me, it is not-so-common boat. People actually told me that they have not seen a boat like this; did not know that polaris made boats! I like the engine. It uses 87 octane, very economical..uses less gas! Has enough ooomp to pull a 4-person tube or a wakeboarder. There is no super charger that will break.

I think $12k is a lil bit high especially that boating season is almost over,...well at least here in SoCalifornia.., even if the boat is in pristine condition.

Here are stuff to check: possible expenses
1. upholstery....$500-1500
2. battery........$70-125
3. oil................$25-125
4. radio/cd........$100
5. trailer tires.....$150
6. cracks around the area where mini-ski pylon is located...$???
7. gages
8. any beeps after starting the engine?
9. check impeller for cavitation, bring flashlight w/ u
10 see if steering is working correctly, otherwise you might need a new cable..$150?

Good luck!

rare POLARIS EX2100 250optimax

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