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negotiate...won't hurt to ask, or even try the walk-away-tactic...
Posted on Sep 9,2010 3:28:35 PM GMT         -
Joined: 2/8/2010
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Make sure to test drive the boat b4 negotiating. 240 is good, too. If u really like the polaris then search online for other jetboats like seadoo challenger or speedster or even sportster. Prices are, i'd say, in the $7-12k range depending on year and model. Bring those figures to the dealer. Yes, show them the nada value and start negotiating base on those suggested prices.

Make sure to test drive the boat. 240 is good, too. remember to check visible gelcoat cracks around the tow bolt(transom/behind boat). if u see any, try to negotiate the cost to fix it. no big dael, i believe, it's just cosmetic. I ended up putting a new tow ring there to eliminate the gelcoat cracking per one of our member's projects. twas easy, cost around $40parts(ebay/homedepot) plus 40minutes.

look at the battery. if there is a date, check. if it's manufacture date is 3 yrs old, just an insurance-it's time to replace..that will be $75 expense.

check the bimini...if it's damaged(sun)...chiching....$300 ebay.

good luck!

rare POLARIS EX2100 250optimax

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