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it has the 250
Posted on Sep 9,2010 6:49:37 PM GMT         -
Joined: 9/6/2010
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So I got out there to check out the boat today and it has the 250. Motor looks pretty clean. The boat itself is worn, it has its share of scratches, nicks in the hull. Has all the covers. The boat was not working at the moment and they wanted a deposit for a test drive so I did not get deeply into talking numbers. I'm going to bring a friend who knows boats very well. The impeller looks ok, no visible signs of damage, just typical corrosion from sitting. Trailer looks ok with some rusting of brackets that look replaceable. It also has brakes. He was hinting little give in the price but was willing to do other things instead of a reduction in price (fix scratches, detail, etc. What do you think?

I do like the size and features of this craft. He showed me a 23' Yamaha with twin motors for a few more thousand. That is tempting but that adds to my overhead for maintaining a first boat. Nice having all that extra space but 23' seems a bit big for a first boat, at least for me...

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