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jet from the start
Posted on Sep 11,2010 4:31:36 AM GMT         Other Boats -
Joined: 2/8/2010
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sorry i could not tell you the difference between the two. i've never driven one w/ prop. problem. if i get em i usually just do the forward and reverse trick. sometimes if weed is really thick, i just turn off the engine and paddle my way to the beach for kids to play. oh yeah, eventually you'll get something in there. one time i notice a loss in pwer, found out later it sucked in a small pine cone. Love the jet- imo safer especially when you have kids with u. Fun part with jet is- u can go were jetskis go!

my previous boats handle better. polaris-hitting waves is manageable, but not as fun as the seadoo boats . you can not do donut turns with this polaris! cruising around is great, though...and did i say good on gas?

this is my first season with this boat. i had it serviced, $200(filters,labor)i think i've use about 100 gallons of gas,(free from lat owner) 10 gallons of oil. although i think i probably need another 5-gal($25 at walmart) of oil my next possibly last outing this year. i have not even replace the spark plugs yet. basically put gas, add oil, have fun!!!
I plan to save some money for pre-season next year and do everything myself. this forum has a lot of info.

here's my maintenace list:
new battery....$75
oil...was free
replaced pitot(for speedometer) plus sealant...$25
two new trailer tires and wheels........$150
wheel balance......$20
new generic safety lineyard/kill switch...$9

btw, ask the shop if the boat comes with carpet($300??) and boat cover($1100 up!!!)

rare POLARIS EX2100 250optimax

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