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the blue one
Posted on Sep 19,2010 12:39:37 AM GMT         Other Boats -
Joined: 5/10/2010
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The blue one sold last year I am in Iowa and that boat was 45 miles away from me, I even tried to get the seller to forward my info to the person that bought it so I could give him an offer. I found one in Michigan about 12 hrs away and bought it sight unseen sent my son to pick it up, worked out well its a fantastic boat, I did rebuild the wear ring and put in a solas impeller, very nice results, The market price on these boats is very hard to get a grip on as there are so few and it is very unique. I formerly owned a Sugar sand Tango I bought new and sold after one year because the time I have to use it is on Sundays and our lake is brutal on Sundays, the size of the ex2100 helped tremendously handling a busy choppy Lake. If you have any mechanical skills and like the first one you saw give them an offer and go back and fourth a while to see if you can get close to spending what you want, You may find the end result is a boat you love and may have years of enjoyment out of for a very reasonable price compared to a typical stern drive for much more money

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