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Thanks for the welcome and the info
Posted on Jul 27,2011 4:15:20 AM GMT         Other Boats -
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It's reported to have "about 90" hour on it. Ironically it is the same red one in long island, ny that was discussed in this thread. Still at the same maria in Hampton bays. My purchase is subject to a water test this week but I expect it go fine...or at least I am hoping it does since I am anxious to get out on the peconic bay with the family to enjoy the rest of the season.

Boat was puportedly at the marina it's entire life and was part of their valet service, meaning they put it in and pulled it out each day the owner wanted to use the boat. When pulled out it was cleaned and flushed.

The comments here were that the boat looked beat up and based on the photo taken of the bow I would have to agree but when I saw it in person it must have been cleaned up after the photo because it didn't give me the same impression. Interior looked great, upholstery looked very clean and in good condition. I noticed on stainless steel piece missing from the port side. Based on the Polaris parts diagram I am guessing it is the accon side mount releasable hinge for the Bimini top? That's being replaced.

Comes with trailer...I agree that the trailer needs some jack, maybe new wheels and tires. Comes with all transient lines, anchor, fenders, etc.

I was hoping the users manual would cover the basics for a guy like me that hasn't ever owned a where to fill the oil, how often, etc :)

Any tips for water testing the boat, what to look out for, listen for, ways to put the engine and jet components through their paces to ensure everything is working?

He's giving a 30 day warranty on engine but I'm concerned about steering cables, throttle, etc. These are the items that seem to go on my brother in laws waverunner.

What about the intake grates/grills? Any maintenance to be performed, can they be replaced, and if so where can they be found? They seemed to have som signs of corrosion.

I've read about changing seals, impeller, etc but don't know how to determine whether this is needed.

Sorry for all the questions, but I suppose I'm definitely a newbie to this hobby.

I was planning on mooring it for long weekends in the peconic bay but what I'm reading about leaving these types of boats in slat water, or brackish water, for too long has me doubting that plan. We have a small place right on the beach and that would be the easiest and most convenient. Would it be ok to leave it in for 3-4 days at a time before plling it out and flushing/cleaning? What about leaving it in for a weeklong vacation period, say Friday to Sunday?


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