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water test
Posted on Jul 28,2011 8:50:40 PM GMT         Other Boats -
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The mercury manual would have all the info you need for fluids etc.<br>On the water it's hard to tell what the performance should be unless you have something to compare it to,however check the alignment of the steering wheel at cruising speed (around 35mph on the dreamo meter), from idle try to fully accelerate and time how long it takes to come down to plane, with 2 people and half tank of gas should take 3-4 seconds, Also look for heavy white vapor when accelerating (a sign of cavitation) open the rear hatch in a clear area and remove the sound deadening cover and listen for anything that sounds unusual, (Without knowing how familiar with two strokes you are its hard to explain on paper what to look for other than metallic knocking.<br>Try to hit some good waves and see how the boat flexes watch the windshield and see that it does not separate too much right by the glass door.<br>the cables are hard to tell other than physical inspection if they feel good with no binding they should be fine check the rubber boots around the jet outlet that cover the cables for cracks.<br>on dry land open the black cover on the engine and check the large pulley over the air compressor, turn it to see if there is any play in the pump.(just replaced mine, kind of pricey.<br>bring a good flash light.<br>If you can't see the hours right under the tachometer shine the flashlight in the rectangle the hours should be readable if they are not already.<br>If you can't read it with just the key on or with a flashlight the hour meter is probably not working.<br>get under the boat to look for any signs of repair to the fiberglass.<br>look inside the grate to get a look at the impeller and wear housing to look for gouging and curling on the impeller<br>put the selector in reverse and look in the jet from the back for signs of damage also look for any green fluid from the jet anywhere the stator seal on these units is a common failure (easy to fix just have to dig in and do it)<br>Also ask for any history they have of maintenance and repairs.<br>Take your boat and go have fun.

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