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very good advise, GSEMLER01!
Posted on Jul 29,2011 12:42:17 AM GMT         Mercury -
Joined: 2/8/2010
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Congrats Techjunkie! You will be happy with your new toy!!! You basically add oil and gas...and smile. Anyway, if the shop has not changed the battery yet I'd suggest that you invest into one. Go to Walmart or Costco. It should be less than $80.
Your family will have lots of fun with tubing! Just watch out for some gel coat cracks around the mini-pylon area. I had noticed some cracks on mine after tubing several times. The design for that(towing) is not so great so I decided to install a tow ring? instead that I bought thru ebay. Check the oil. Make sure to ask the shop to top off the oil before closing the deal. Mercury dfi oil is $43/gal!!!!

rare POLARIS EX2100 250optimax

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