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Crossing my fingers
Posted on Jul 29,2011 3:26:41 AM GMT         Mercury -
Joined: 7/26/2011
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I hope everything works out since in my mind I'm already a boat owner and have already started planning for all sorts of accessories, upgrades, etc.

Still haven't located any manuals but I'll ramp up that effort once the keys are in my hand.

I read much about the issues owners were having with the ski pylon. For towing, especially tubes, I picked up the Kwik-Tek-Airhead-Heavy Duty-Harness which connects to two points on the transom...I'm assuming there are two connection points already but perhaps I'll have to install a ski hook on both sides.

Can anyone tell me what connection points are standard on these models...I wish I could remember but I wasn't focusing on such details.

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