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She's mine...
Posted on Jul 31,2011 11:21:52 AM GMT         Other Boats -
Joined: 7/26/2011
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Everything checked out. When I arrived the boat was on the trailer ready to be launched. I performed a thorough visual inspection top to bottom. They already ad the engine compartment open for inspection so I climbed aboard and checked it out...very clean and appeared to be very well was owned by a single owner that was an employee of the marina for a long time. It was part of their valet services it was prepped and launched whenever the owner wanted to take it out and then pulled out, cleaned and flushed.

I brought a small mag lite with me and checked the jet drive and steering as best I could, including looking in through the nozzle and the intake...everything seemed to be in good condition with no obvious signs of damage or abuse. I checked out the steering to ensure it was easy to turn lock to lock, checked the cables and the boots, etc. Everything checked out.

The intake grate itself didn't look all that great in terms of being shiny stainless steel, but it wasn't damaged and there were no signs of it having ever been beached/grounded. I may look into getting a new grate after this season is over.

Out on the water she started right up, no hesitation and purred nicely...great sounding boat. She handled very nicel, turning on a dime and responding almost immediately to throttle inputs. I really like the throttle control as it was a set and forget type control...didn't have to keep my hand on it at all times to maintain constant rpm/speed. Now, maybe that isn't the way it is supposed to be? Is that a sign that the throttle cable is binding?

I performed a couple of hole shots and she was very nimble and responsive, planin very quickly. Looked for excessive white vapor/mist as suggested and there was only a very tiny amount...can't say that it wasn't exhaust as opposed to signs of cavitation.

Engine sounded good with lid open and sound proofing metal clanking at all.

Bringing her to dock was a chore for me as there was a slight wind and my first time trying to back a boat in as opposed to simply coming alongside a dock...this is my first boat as an owner. Prior to this I was either driving someone ekes, and therefore never had to dock, or driving a rental, which didn't involve much docking at all other than pulling up alongside a wide open dock.

Thankfully there were some young kids who quickly ace to my rescue...or perhaps they were coming to rescue their boat ;-)

The other thing I will probably have to work on a bit is the trailer. The hubs, break drums and springs look corroded and coiled probably be replaced. Not even sure the brakes are working. When I get her home I'll have to investigate.

Well, I'm off to enjoy my second day of boating...nervous about pulling her out of the water on my own today...but I supoose I'll be a pro in no time...keeping my fingers crossed.

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