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I definitely paid over the nada price
Posted on Aug 3,2011 2:31:47 AM GMT         Other Boats - General Question
Joined: 7/26/2011
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But he did a bunch of small repairs to the boat and trailer and really went above and beyond in delivering a nicely detailed boat. Also valet service for rest of season. Also included 30 day warranty on engine. I plan on using it quite a bit for the next month...two week vacation starting next week and I'll be using every day. I'm mooring it in the peconic for that two week period. I'm sure I'll have to scrub her down real good after two weeks in the bay. May pull her out after one week,clean her and put her back in.

I like the uniqueness and dealing with a dealer/marina as opposed to buying from a private seller.

Enough with the rationalizations...:)


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