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Been a while....
Posted on Apr 10,2012 12:55:02 PM GMT         Other Boats - General Question
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Warm weather in the ny area as well. Very tempted to get out on the water but still have so much I wanted to do in advance. For starters, as this is my first time "summarizing" my boat, I'm not too sure what needs to be done. I paid to have it winterized and the service guy said to bring it back in the spring to ge her ready but is it as simple as just turning her on or does it need to be flushed out, etc. I know there is antifreeze involved and the engine was fogged and sprayed so I was wondering if they do something special to "reverse" the process. Probably worth having them do it that e first time as I would like to have her tuned up and checked out properly before hopefully putting her to much greater use thus year. 

Ive actually got quite a bit of trailer work planned. Changing the axle, brake drums, etc.

I want to change the drum brake actuator as well but I haven't actually purchased that yet.

Going to change the axle the first weekend I put her in since it will be much easier without the boat on the trailer,  not to mention safer for me!

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