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It's been some time now.
Posted on Jul 17,2012 4:14:05 AM GMT         - General Question
Joined: 5/18/2010
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Hey everybody. My LE 2100 has been running wonderful. I posted back in 10 when I got it regarding the stator seals I replaced and how to do it but I guess it got deleted??? Anyway I upgraded the head when my factory jbl died. I put in a kenwood mr-350u marine head (0nly $129 at car toys and online for $119) great features usb port, aux 3.5 mm on front dual sub low levels and great power for the money it's tough to beat. Replaced all four 6 inch speakers with polks (all polks are marine rated) ($59 per pair when they went on sale at frys from 99) wow that sounded great over what I had by far then I picked up a used Clarion marine amp 350 watts for $60 bucks of CL and bought a 10 inch comp pioneer sub wedge kicker box from the local pawn and it sounds like a really expensive system and clear loud and plenty of bump I wired the subwoofer (mono) off the amp...

I have been searching but no luck so far has anyone found a great fix or a product to put a pull pylon up high (without breaking the bank on a rack) for my LE

I love my BABY BAJA, I will keep this baby going for some time if I can. North Texas lakes all full again thanks to the rain. I am in DFW and this is the Prairie and Lakes part of Texas we have 26 lakes within a 2 hour drive of home. Joe pool is my home lake but I enjoy Lewisville, Whitney, posum kingdom, and richland chambers.

Keep posting folks put some pics up there.
Don in DFW

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