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Bench seat access
Posted on Aug 15,2012 12:12:51 AM GMT         Other Boats - General Question
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You are on the right track.
Remove the four screws that hold the firewall in place carefully lift it out paying attention to the throttle cable position, it is the hardest to get back in its cut out on the fire wall.
I cant remember if its two or four nuts holding the bench in place just be sure not to drop any in the fuel tank cavity!
If you think you can do it get a staple remover and remove the vinyl and hand stitch all the sewn pieces with a good outdoor use thread start on one end and stitch all the way through each section. and staple back together with stainless staples (hard to find).
I did this with both the bench and back deck.
It has lasted three years so far, I have one stitch failing where i did not do the whole piece in a single run.
Use the holes that are the other thread is in.
It's quite time consuming but turns out nice.
Also my belt is over 4 years and 40hrs old without any wear so I would say some type of alignment issue is going on?

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