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almost a $1700 mistake!
Posted on Sep 11,2012 3:04:22 AM GMT         Other Boats - General Question
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for two seasons, I have never installed the latch on the sunpad/engine cover. I was just too lazy to do it and thought the cover is too heavy to latch open by itself! Uh-ooh..wrong. It was very windy during my night travel three weeks ago. By the time I got to the camp site, the cover was upright and gas shocks were dangling. I was lucky the huge piece cover did night detach from the bottom hinges otherwise I could have lost it or worst I could have created a traffic accident! I ended up using some bungee tie downs to secure it on my way home and to Lake Havasu AZ.
The gas shocks seem to be okay but I could no longer use 'em because all the plastic connection hardware are broken. West Marine Lake Havasu(big store!) did not have the parts, unfortunately. I'll check our local Pepboys or Autozone maybe they have it. It's a pita to access the engine bay now!!!
I have finally found the old latch(when I was not looking for it, of course!) and I plan to install it this weekend. Btw, some of the hinge screws were loose...inspect yours when you have the chance.

rare POLARIS EX2100 250optimax

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