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Pic of the screw going into the steering cable on jet nozzle?
Posted on Jun 23,2013 3:11:02 AM GMT         Other Boats - General Question
Joined: 6/22/2013
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Hi Miataroadster, I see you up here a bit ;). I have an EX2100 and it's new to me this season. I did some fluid replacement as outlined in the manual. Not easy doing the 'stator lube'. I want to make sure that I put the steering back the way it's supposed to be. Can you (or someone on this board) please take a pic of the screw and washer and how it's inserted?

Anyone on the post ever pull the 'stator' off all the way? How hard was it to break the bolts? I only added fluid. It'd be great if you could drain that reservoir another way.

Thanks Miataroadster and the rest of the Polaris posters!

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