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Posted on Jan 5,2014 3:20:15 AM GMT         Other Boats - General Question
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The owners manual specs is minimum 1000 MCA, 750 CCA, 105 ampere hours. For those original boat owners, did your boat come with this battery specs?

My battery lasted 3 years. It could have been longer but I was too lazy to recharge after the rain. The bilge pump kept running until the battery got drained. By that time, it's too late to recharge. Besides, it probably got frozen and damaged the plates. Walmart test showed'"need to replace battery".
The Everlast only had 625 MCA but I never had a problem starting the boat in 30 or 110 degree F. This time I decided to go with Costco's Kirkland battery. It has 700 mca, 85 hrs amp. 12/30 month prorate warranty. Hooked it up and fired up the first try!

rare POLARIS EX2100 250optimax

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