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Posted on Nov 26,2014 1:57:04 PM GMT         Other Boats -
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I'm a bit of a Polaris fan boy and like to own the unique toys. I had wanted this one ever since I saw this boat sitting in his airplane hanger. While looking for a boat 3 summers ago I asked him how he liked his Polaris. He replied that his may be for sale. Turns out we couldn't get in touch until I was an hour away from signing the paperwork on Larson. I'm not the one to screw people over and chose to finish the deal. The Larson was a great boat. We put a lot of hours on it. Finally went back this summer and closed the deal on this LE2100. I was a bit nervous. The boat hadn't ran for about 8 years. Anyone of the 3 fuel pumps could have been seized. The guy pumped all the old gas out of it and we bought 5 gallons of fresh. Jumped in the boat and turned the key and it fired up like it had never been shut off. Then I remembered we forgot to put the fresh gas in it. At that point I decided I had to buy it.

Still has the Hydro-suck grate. Plan to replace that. Did replace the radio that wouldn't play music. The little lady wouldn't let me take it on our annual trip with out tunes. Later I read where people just unplugged the remote and the radio would work again, but too late. Head unit already gone. Put a folding hitch on the trailer and in the process of converting it to a 5 wire brake solenoid. I hate using the little stop block and am tired of the black marks in my driveway. I moved the boat forward on the trailer several inches to shorten the unit up. The winch was adjusted pretty crappy. However, my tongue weight is too heavy now. I need to move the axles forward and find a scale to get it weighed on. Oh, and I did have a guy put a full one piece snap on cover on it. The ski pylon option is still new in the box. The table was still in the wrappers. The trailer cover has seen its share of weather and he let mice get to the Bimini in storage. Beyond that she's damn near new. Even got a couple of Polaris life jackets and Polaris branded dock lines in the deal. Plus a digger anchor way too big for the boat(nice in river current though). We did get sticks twice on the river that I had to trailer it to clear out. Little lady is not very impressed by that, but not a big deal to me. Except I worry its not a stick every time. LOL All in all really fun. Still more plans for it. Tony

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