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Reverse Solenoid.
Posted on Feb 28,2015 6:52:41 PM GMT         Other Boats -
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The reverse solenoid and hardware is pretty cheap. $45 for the solenoid. $13 for a 5 pin wiring harness. $1.79 for a 10/32 thread barb fitting, and $0.79 for the bypass tube. Prices did vary a lot. Bought that hardware from Pacific Trailers. Best prices I could find.

I had planned to install it when I put on the folding hitch. However it turns out my trailer's master cylinder has metric threads on the port for the barb fitting I bought. Contacted UFP and the response was that he "wasn't aware of them using a master cylinder that didn't have the standard 10/32 thread, but that they did have several manufacturers." I stumbled on the correct fitting at work, but I'm waiting for old man winter to go away before pulling the boat out and finishing the project. It won't take long as long as I do have the right barb.

And thanks yeah I have read about the cracks around the Pylon. I'm debating on putting a reinforcement plate on the bottom and maybe a diamond plate on top or just installing the extended pylon we have in the box. We don't use it much, so it hasn't climbed the priority list yet.

One of the sticks we got was jammed on the impeller as the impeller tried to slice it. Had to tap that one off, the other just would not "reverse" out. Other times I've got stuff out that way. Doesn't bother me much, but one of the times we were a long way from the landing and it was getting dark and cold outside.

The only issue I had was when I put it away, I ran it at idle on the hose to flush it out, but my temp alarm went off. Although the hull vibration when your above idle, but below plane bothers the little lady. I get used to it. (The 2 cycle smoke also bothers her some. lol) The engine is actually quieter then the Larson.

Anyone put the trim tab kit on?

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