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roll call for the rare POLARIS EX2100/ LE2100
Posted on Mar 19,2010 3:11:22 AM GMT         Other Boats - General Question
Joined: 2/8/2010
# of posts:142
SoCal here. Just got it. Can't wait to go to the lake!!!!
My water park- Silverwood Lake, Piru Lake, Colorado River, Gregory lake; will revisit Castaic and Pyramid soon. 'been to Lake Tahoe when I had my 4 stroke then; twas nice and a blast but do not go boating there after noon gets really choppy!

Projects and wish list:
upholstery- current
ski pylon/ tower- in the works...; got to do it- got too excited I already bought two wakeboards and two tubes!!
new sound system- still trying to convince the wife
2nd battery---

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