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Galvanized trailer for 2008 Mirage - interested in trading
Posted on Jun 26,2016 5:33:22 PM GMT         Sugar Sand Boats - General Question
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Hello all:
I have a 2008 Mirage that came with the galvanized trailer. The trailer is adjustable and can be used with boats up to 20' in length, consequently it is very long - right at 23' and change overall. I have looked at pictures of other Mirages sitting on the purpose-built painted trailer and they are clearly much shorter. The reason I am interested in trading is that my wife and I tow a 5th wheel travel trailer with out boat hitched behind the 5th wheel. When hitched to the truck, we are a little over 70' long, which is over the max length limit in some states, including Colorado where we live.

Assuming there is someone out there that has one of the purpose built trailers that is interested, I need to know the overall length (with boat loaded) from the tip of the hitch to the end of the boat- I'm hoping that its 21' or less overall.

Our trailer is in excellent condition, has good tires and comes with a good spare. We have a clear title on the trailer and I am willing to drive up to 500 miles to a place where we can swap. Of course, we'll exchange pictures first.


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